Oil prices came down

Oil prices came down
14:03 Today’s Telegraph Business news: According to the results of trading on the Intercontinental exchange in London the price of Brent crude fell by 20 cents.

Today a barrel of “black gold” is 67,77 USD. Whereas yesterday to midnight the same grade of oil reached the price of $ 67,97.

At the same time, on the new York Mercantile exchange, a barrel of WTI crude oil became cheaper by 48 cents. The price dropped to a mark of 59.45 USD. Further as oil prices depends on what factors will appear and will they be able to influence the market. The recent volatile trade in these resources has provoked news.

In Ukraine rose sharply autogas

At the moment for shaping the future course of the market should obtain data on oil reserves from the U.S. Department of energy. According to analysts, the inventory level will decrease by 1.2 million barrels.

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