Offered to parents to feed the children official declared 1.4 million of income


Every month someone from the officials divided the revelation from the category of “the state owes nothing to anybody”. In December, the Minister of socio-demographic and family policy Samara region Marina Antimonov suggested that women who fear birth because of the poverty benefits, to plant gardens. In November, the head of the Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh said that the state “should not do” to the younger generation. And in October the Minister of employment, labour and migration Natalia Sokolova suggested people “is fuckin’ … ” and even made seniors diet for 3.5 thousand rubles per month.

This time Vladimir clerk Olga Belyaeva advised parents to feed schoolchildren. Answering the question, why was cancelled the free Breakfast, she said that according to the law “On education”, educational institutions should provide cooking facilities, a place for cooking, arrange the conditions for receiving the food, hire cooks. “But to ensure the very power, that is the supply of products, food, manufacturing and so on — that’s a question parents,” she said. Thus the official emphasized that the funds budgeted for “partial compensation” of the cost of food, they were allocated by regional and municipal authorities: “Again, this is not an obligation, it’s a help.”

Belyaev later said that he misspoke and in fact it meant that the authorities have “no obligation” to allocate money for school meals. “Organize the process of nutrition, of course, needs of the school. But free meals only for children with disabilities. Further, the municipalities decide on what other children can eat for free,” – said “MK” in the press service of the administration.

As reported at the site of administration of Vladimir region in 2018 for these purposes from the regional budget was spent 155 million 753 thousand rubles. In 2019 allocated 165 million 499 thousand rubles. “This year the amount was increased by 5%, but in Vladimir region the cost of Breakfast has increased from 30 to 40 rubles — and it is obviously not five percent. Of course, money is not enough” – said the press service of the unpopular decision.

Meanwhile, “ogovorivshisj” the official has graduated from Vladimir pedagogical Institute, specialty “teacher of Russian language and literature.” After high school 10 years worked as a teacher in secondary school №14 Vladimir. Has the title of Honored teacher of Russia. In 2017 Belyaev earned 1 397 578 rubles.

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