Occupiers took to solve the problem of water shortage in Crimea

Pro-Russian authorities of the occupied Peninsula started the transfer of water from the Belogorsky reservoirs in the adjacent Taganskoe. Due to this, occupants want to solve the problem of drinking water for the North of the Crimea.

Such a step they explain “abundant winter rainfall,” writes the edition “Crimea.Realities”.

The publication, citing data from the subordinate occupying power Department of water management and land reclamation notes that in Belogorskiy reservoir has accumulated more than 20 million cubic meters of water.

In 2019-2020 controlled by Russia, the Crimean authorities plan to build a water pipeline that will supply water to the North of the Peninsula with Taganskogo reservoir in the Belogorsk district.

The possibility of transferring water occupants was discussed in October 2018. Now Pro-Russian government decided that this option solve the problem of shortage of drinking water for the North of the occupied Crimea.

The publication writes that experts at the same time believe that such actions drinking water problem is not exactly solved.

Belogorskoe reservoir after the “winter precipitation” January 27, 2019/ Source: Crimea. Realities

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