Obama is back: former leader of US public will support Merkel and Macron

His first public appearance after stepping down as President of the United States Barack Obama scheduled for Monday, April 24. On this day, he is going to speak at one of the events in Chicago.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Barack Obama left the presidential office on the day of the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump on 20 January this year. Most of the time the 44th President had at different resorts in palm springs (CA), one of the Caribbean Islands, where he rested together with British billionaire Richard Branson, as well as in the exclusive resort in French Polynesia (where he indulged in sailing and producer David Geffen, along with Oprah, Tom Hank and Bruce Springsteen).

And now it is time for Obama to re-appear before the eyes of the public. This should happen on the discussion at the University of Chicago with the participation of young people. The event community organizations and citizen participation.

“This event is part postpresidential President Obama’s enthusiasm and support for the future generation of leaders, driven by growing communities across the country and around the world,” – said in a statement the office of Barack Obama.

The Chicago event roughly coincides with the hundredth day of the presidency, Donald trump and those close to Obama people assure that the former occupant of the White house is not going to use his public appearance against the current President of the United States (although, as you know, trump has accused his predecessor in the organization of wiretapping during the election campaign, as well as in creating foreign policy crises).

Further, the plans of the 44th President is on a trip in may to Boston to accept the award John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. It is also expected that Barack Obama will go to Europe and meet in Berlin with Chancellor Angela Merkel (in time it will be about the time that Donald trump will make his first visit to the Old world to the NATO summit in Belgium). It is not excluded that this meeting will be held with a view to succeeding in Germany’s parliamentary elections to support Merkel. Obama has not remained aloof and in connection with the planned on April 23 presidential elections, he called on Thursday to the presidential candidate, leader of the movement “Forward” the Emmanuel Macron, is considered the favorite for the race, the opposing “Pro” marine Le Pen and françois Fillon.

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