O. Torvald said, what will you surprise at the “Eurovision-2017” (Video)

O. Torvald



Photo: from open sources

The musicians are preparing for the competition seriously, and even sewed the costumes with the stock.

The representative of Ukraine at “Eurovision-2017”, the group O. Torvald spoke about preparing for singing competitions. Daily rehearsals, vocal lessons and training rooms. The leader of O. Torvald Jack Galich group to the “Eurovision” is preparing seriously. Even guys suits are constructed with a stock

“The costumes are almost ready. There will be three, they will be exactly the same. Just need to spare, just need to, if someone drops, scratches his knee and tear my pants there,” said Galich. But the number of our current contestants promises to be very special.

“The room will be very different from the final and he will be a General badass. Such rooms will not be one of the contestants,” assured the singer .

With such a rich preparation of presentation of Ukraine at the competition, time for family is not nearly enough. And Eugene pregnant wife and four year old daughter

“Today, met this morning and then accidentally saw one today near the stadium. She arrived, parked on a meeting and I saw that there is a huge belly, and then I realized that it was my stomach. We Wake up together, we sleep together, well, just now a lot of different jobs there. I try. We all had Easter together. Allocated a few days to be with his wife and daughter,” said Galich.

Such a crazy schedule Eugene and his family will have to endure for long. Less than a month the whole of Ukraine will be rooting for O. Torvald on the Eurovision stage.

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