“Novella in Ukrainian” 2018 FIFA announced the finalists for

21 the text entered into the final of the contest “short story in Ukrainian.” It is already sixth time held by the magazine “Kraina”. The symbolic slogan of the contest this year – bezviz. To participated previously published works in the Ukrainian language. A short story of the winner can be read in one of the following numbers of the magazine “Kraina”.

Serves the names of the finalists and the titles of their novels (in alphabetical order).

Elena Burlaka is “Other native people”
Olga Guziy – “When the pear blossoms”
Vladyslav Ivchenko – “other categories”
Julia Ilya – “Trace”
Tatiana Best – “Fog”
Igor Kovalenko “Diapers for the grandson”
Marina Manchenko – “Like a bone in the throat”
Konstantin Melnikov – “27”
Olga Litvinova – “Isla del Inferno”
Sergey Naumenko – Slavic currency”
She Ovdiychuk – “Deja Vu”
Sergey Odarenko – “Bessels”
Vladimir Posnik – “Call Bezviz”
Nicholas Pravdyuk – “blame bezviz”
Denis Savchenko – “death has no colors”
Yuri Simonov – the “Schengen zone”
Igor Stambol “Random gift”
Vladislav Suprunenko – “Home”
Valentin Turchin – “the dream Flight”
Margarita Severnogo – “Ah, Naples …”
Lyudmila Clear – “tango on the liner”


Finalists selected by the editorial jury. Of them have identified 11 finalists, which were later judged by a professional jury. It includes Pavlo Volvach, Vitaly Jaeger, Larisa Denisenko, Vasyl Makhno, Vasyl Karpyuk, Andrii kokotiukha, Ostap Ukrainian, Lily shutyak, Oksana Schur.

Also this year one of the finalists will receive specialitie of the NGO “Europe without barriers”.

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Last year he won the short story “Felisberto” Nazar Pain from Terebovlya. She begins his debut collection, “the Book of oddities,” published this fall in the Kiev publishing house Laurus.

The contest for 6 years sent more than a thousand texts.


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