Not Orthodox pobedobesie: website “Kalashnikov” glorifies soldiers of the Luftwaffe

Until the day of victory is still more than three months, but the Russians continue to be proud of as its the only achievement privatized victory over Nazi Germany. However, it turns out badly.

On the website of the concern “Kalashnikov”, which is a state enterprise, decided to tell the raging Russian about the weapon that was used by Soviet soldiers during the Second world war.

Of course, the leitmotif of heresy was exactly what “Russian weapon is the best in the world”, although in fact even in the Soviet Union its not anything created, but only nicking the development of other countries.

Hitler’s soldiers instead of soldiers of Stalin – what’s the difference, decided Russian

However, the feature of the situation was different. Under the headings “the world through the eyes of veterans,” adorned with illustrative pictures fighters of the Luftwaffe.

When the users recalled the “Kalashnikov” that the Soviet military looked a little different, balalaika rubbed all the info. But screenshots do not burn.

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