Nostalgia for Coachella 2018: beyoncé released a new album

Nostalgia for Coachella 2018: beyoncé released a new album
17:37 Telegraph Today culture news: the Favorite of millions does not cease to please their fans.

Recently, the network appeared the trailer for the first film about beyoncé, but after a while, the singer released a new album, which received the same name with the movie.

Pervy trailer for the movie about Beyonce excited the network on Monday, April 8. That’s when the idea opened up intrigue about the movie called Beyonce by Homecoming ( “homecoming-a film about beyoncé”), which will be shown more moments of her performance at the Coachella festival-2018. And on Wednesday, April 17, beyoncé unveiled a new album with the same name as a biography.

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In the new disc, Homecoming: The Live Album the singer will present a live recording with a two-hour concert in California at a music event in 2018. In total, the album contains 40 songs, among which are duets with her husband Jay-Z, as well as with former group members of Destiny’s Child.

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