“No one died”: life in the Chernobyl exclusion zone when you long for the 70

In the Chernobyl zone is home to 140 squatters. Basically, it is the residents who have returned to their homes after the evacuation in 1986 after the explosion at Chernobyl. Survival in the exclusion zone hardly be called simple stores, hospitals or the pipeline is not there. And brought bread, sometimes you have to wait a few weeks.
To live in the exclusion zone, say, not difficult – only of men is not enough, said a local resident. Guests to the grandparents living in the exclusion zone, do not come very often. It’s mostly relatives, tourists, or public service, such as SES or social workers.
And although in the neighborhood any doctor on the health of the residents of the Chernobyl zone is not complaining. On the contrary, everyone who comes in the yard, trying hard to feed marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, or just boiled potatoes.
But the filling of gas cylinders appears only once a year. Therefore, propane save and stock up on firewood.
For visitors to the exclusion zone, life in Chernobyl looks like a fantastic film. But for local – this is the everyday life that they are not willing to trade any of the blessings of civilization

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