“No feedback” – the Minister said, will be whether to allocate state funds for books

Photo: Valeriy Shmakov

The state’s task is to develop a common cultural space. For the state it is important that people read Ukrainian books and reading in General. The second task is to create conditions so that the publishing industry had a stable development. This was stated at the 26th Book Forum the Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky.

“There are studies in which 60% of citizens did not read any Ukrainian book in the past year. Have to see how it does in the world and set yourself a realistic goal. One of the focuses will bookmark this I love the book in childhood. Must be present in the public space. To get government support, book publishers need to have the evidence base to be able to conduct a professional dialogue with the Minister and then he will lead a Cabinet Minister. Because each state program competes with the other,” said Vladimir Borodyansky.

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Last year, the government purchased 2 million books in the library.

“There is no feedback. We don’t know, read these books or not. The state should do to read them. Until then, can’t make conclusions about the effectiveness of the use of public funds,” answers the question whether the reallocated savings in the state budget of 20 million UAH for the purchase of books in the library.

Ukrainian Institute book Forum of publishers in Lviv presented a program of implementation of state policy in the book sector. Participants spoke about the situation with book publishing in Ukraine and what measures should be taken to promote reading.


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