Nicras gadgeti 2018 rock, yakimi corestauti slomo in

2018-th year pidhodit to logonovo completion, and this means TSE, scho time pdivate pdsmi rock, scho passes, the night. Radio MAXIMUM spalo for you TOP 10 gadgets, that hotw bi skin!

2018 rock Bulo bagato submitted nestlike pristrom scho fidelity nicras Bulo wkra smoothly. Tim is not less then what tak gadgety, that definitely did not silisili nikogo baguim I began spravzhni bestsellerami slomo in.

Xiaomi Mi Band is a 3 – gadget rock

The company Xiaomi, traditio, showed the world vsomu Nova pokolinnja his fines-Mi Band 3. Tsogo once the divice trimas has BlsI display, Novyi functionality and also NFC-module (special version). Capsule otrimali of zakrugleny design. W one side – TSE wyglada futuristic, and s hogo display lain, posaditi, after VIN is not of utoplenie in the body. Odnu s osoblivosti became molist, plauti s pristrom on glibina to 50 meters. Of course, mova yde about lachey prsn vodoemy ale itself NavNet such Zahist tsite. Display SRS. Now here vividata not lachey conky spousing and text fortunately, which is very convenient. Denim sprim patanam weaviles NavNet NFC module, after working VIN lachey have Kita. Acbi pratsyuvav, VIN z Google Pay – Mi Band 3 becoming bi shte popularnym in Ukraine.

Recommended price: 899 UAH.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 b – VSI record

Apple AirPods – nazron cell have in

I wish TSI cell showed be called a few more years, the stench DOS salecause bestsellerami z-poms bezpravi aksesuaru for prosledovaniya music I don’t lachey. Apple showed the Yakima Mauger Buti absolutely Novyi Express vikoristannya nausnic. I they to words, prekrasne all: pochinayuchi od processes PD Union, sanci comfort vikoristannya. TSE well spravzhnya magic, after Musica pochine watergates then, if VI nadaaa cell, and prisoedinyaetsya, if snimati h.

Bought Apple AirPods it is possible for 4999 UAH.

Apple AirPods prodoljaute tsiti koristuvach

Oppo Find X – nieznalski smartphone rock

From 2018, the year the company Oppo Brazil usih! CITIC showed smartphone Find X, that varsets Tim scho display on the front panel Sigma of 92.25%. I TSE nadzvychaina] pokaznyk. Unable tsogo dosage zavdyaki viewName block Cameri, yaky takozh becoming novacinema. Moreover, the divice can pohiseaduse topovye characteristics that premiline content body. Also new pozbawienia traditsionnogo scanner vdbecv policv. Now in order dwellers razblokirovat divice vykorystovuyutsia system 3D skanowania oblichchya Yak at topovyh rsinak konkurentu.

Itsuno Oppo Find X in Ukraine is not for sale. Tim, hto navitsa simulate Yogo in Internet, it viklasti Buda, about 22 thousands UAH.

Oppo Find X Brazil sway bezrukovs

Novi iPad Pro 2018 – ubivtsa noutbuku

Apple is votre brought scho Epoha planchet has not zavershilsya. Doprava, now the emphasis is not on robotica rozvaga and vicodan of work. The manufacturer of nuvoloso on the fact scho “ablock” new mozhut samnite ultrabooks that bring Novyi Dowd vikoristannya. In particular the mova yde about the robot in par s Apple Pencil 2 pokolinnya, that dozvola, pretvoriti tablet velicani Notepad. Claim compan not bespla, after pratsyuyut Novi planchete iPad Pro 2018 on base potuznik processors A12X Bionic. Also on samo zvichayniy laptops nataka th msdct wbudowana pam at: ( Mauger Buti up to 1 TB! And Type-C vihd, bezposrednio ukazu on those scho to tablet mozhna bude PD dovuti Staron, aksesuari. Moreover, vpershe Apple obladala svy tablet system rozpisywania Face ID.

Recommended price: from 27 thousand UAH for iPad Pro 11″ 64 GB.

iPad Pro 2018 Mauger vitsit laptops

Type-C hub – unversally gadget rock

Not devotees scho to our rating uvisel zvichayniy adapter. Here usamu wine that Novi citizen fashion trend, that spread Sered virobnikiv gadgets. Topov laptops, planchet, smartphone – us TSI bristro enamours Type-C devel’єmom, but all Bulo b nichogo, yakbi not the point, scho virobnichi versile pozbawiony usih NSA devel MW. Here on relief coming. tach adapter, that – ” of the card-rdeam, and dodatkowymi USB ports, and HDMI-exit and others

Obidetsya taqiy USB Type-C hub from hope in 2000 UAH.

Hub Ob DNA all your peripherals

Apple Watch Series 4 – strai of your health

Apple does not supinate. Tsogo rock won showed chergova pokolinnja their “rozumna” godinniki. Doprava, tsogo once the divice was naucili has Priscus stavitsa to your health. In particular the mova yde about those scho clock um semati electrocardiogram. Of course, he is not samnite you lcara, ale smoge dati Recomendar negalesite in fact, what time should refer to specialists. Tsiti I those scho in the Apple finally nawilia zbilshiti the display of the clock. Now he has wyglada crutches!

Recommended price startu s 13 tisyach UAH 40 mm version.

Apple Watch Series 4 trimas has BlsI display

Bose Sleepbuds – best gadget for sleep

TSE SOSM not swichin cell. The manufacturer of pozicy h, Yak special divice for repairing processes of susinana. Lessons programme zabezpechennya dozvola you operate baslc RSNA zvuku, pid yaki Bose propanolamine you pasinati. Sami sounds podlets on ti, scho rasslablaut, and also ti, that mascauti towns quiet.

Bought TSI nesvacil cell can be over 9000 UAH.

Bose Sleepbuds – dealine gadget for sleep

Xiaomi 90FUN Puppy 1 – Valse-satellite

If you satiate of gadgetman – I walsa definitely you enjoy. RunMi 90FUN Puppy 1 became the laureate of the exhibition spozhivche electroni CES 2018, which took place at Las Vegas. Chim also special TL VALSA? Won um separatist rogatica for vlasnikom help our defenders. Moreover, Vaughn SDATA wykonujace be called a few more teams, Sered yakih PD SD to vlasnika, perebuvannya on pevnyi f, Poshuk ruler (yakscho VIN nepodal) or movement for vlasnikom. For Zahist your speeches budowa the manufacturer of the scanner vdbecv policv.

Recommended price on walso 29 999 UAH.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner – rozumne pribirannya Osel

Work-parachutage zimulti Cline the meeting place in our pobut. TSE not deprivation prestre, that doomgate utrirovat will osely in cestat and swellnet our osobisty hour. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner – najpopularniji “rozumny” robot morogoth, that VM digit more than Mauger to self surrender on purshia Poglyad. The robot can caravati Yak s remote, so I from smartphone. Also the manufacturer of peredachi mozliwosci vstanovlennya “grafica probirani”, that dealno Pudge have quiet situations, if VI date have Dragana ABO will vdat.

The recommended price for Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner – 7999 UAH.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner motorbus about the purity Osel

XIaomi Mi box 3 – be that a TV set now Smart

I little console has become the popular saleno 2018 year, after the same zavdyaki I whether yaky Mauger TV set the way “rozumim”. Patsev I of the fact scho new W box Patria vdvoine 4K conent, scho duzhe true in this year. For vstanovlennya program the manufacturer peredachi 8GB memory wbudowana at. Operative pam at Ter did not poszkodowani – 2 GB. For productivity vdova processor 4-yaderni processor Amlogic S905X z clock frequency of 2 GHz. All Tsey NaBr dozvola pristavec pracowali without sbow I glucu. And Android TV daє mozliwosci ustanavlivat programs include, bezposrednio z Google Play Market.

Recommended price on XIaomi Mi box 3 – 1999 UAH.

XIaomi Mi box 3 – a compact Android-console

2018-th year – no year lachey Kucinich gadgety Prem courier, od yakih walks to Robert’s head. TSE th year, that showed scho . prestre, that not perestayut bootie uglublenie th via be called a few more years after HNO presentation. And that gadget 2018 rock you clung to DOS nails? Pest komentarai!

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