Neymar was named the tournament that would win against PSG in the first place (video)

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PSG striker and national team of Brazil Neymar said that he would like to win the Champions League with his current club. The words of the player leads Canal Football Club.

“I would like to win all the tournaments in which we participate. First of all we are talking about the Champions League, as it is the dream of every footballer. We understand that this is difficult, but our team can do it. We have good players, so we can aspire to the highest places. We are on the right track. The match with “Manchester United” will appeal to all football fans and we will be happy to meet with such a strong team.

The team need to show their best at the right time. Front stage of the playoffs of the Champions League, and it is the right time. We must be United and ready both physically and tactically”.

Neymar has already won the Champions League with Barcelona. In the 1/16 finals of the tournament, PSG will have to fight against “Manchester United”.

Recall that Neymar was named the most expensive footballer on the planet, he later told me about the adaptation in Paris.

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