News release at 9:00: Forecasts of U.S. intelligence regarding Russian aggression. Terrible accident in the Odessa region

In a news release on January 30 as of 9:00 – the Director of national intelligence Dan Coates is confident that the situation on the Azov sea could worsen. However, according to him, the scenario of full-scale hostilities on the sea while which is unlikely. On the route Odessa – Ovidiopol faced bus, a truck and a car. In the accident two people died, three injured
Also in the issue:

A Russian passenger plane made an emergency landing in Sochi due to the fact that the drunk passenger beat up a flight attendant.

For the protection of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela form a 50 thousand units of the national militia.

Ukrainian political prisoner Pavel Fungus in critical condition, he needs immediate heart surgery.

The tragedy in Dnipropetrovsk: the dance lesson in Kamenskoye died 9-the summer schoolgirl.


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