News release as of 21:00: Coin “Eurovision-2017”. Rail bus in Poland

In the final news release may 5 as of 21:00 – the national Bank will issue a commemorative coin “Eurovision-2017”. In treatment 5-a dime will appear on may 11. From Volhynia to neighboring Poland for the first flight left rail bus route Kovel – Chelm.
Also in the issue:
Passengers Boryspil international airport enjoyed the creativity of the Crimean Tatars directly in the departure hall.
Hijacked Ukrainian enterprises in the occupied Donbas close.
In the Trinity area the man had set fire to 2 of the apartment then committed suicide.
In Kherson caught poachers with their catch of almost 9 million.
In Krasnogorovka of Donetsk region wounded a local resident.


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