“Newlyweds lead to a naked shaman” – showed an unusual wedding in Bali

Photo: photo courtesy of Veronica

Balinese ceremony not like the usual wedding. This tells Veronica, who married a Balinese two years ago.

“Nobody asks permission to marry, no lift veils or first kiss. Before marriage there is a woman who is similar to those in the registry office and men, who read out greetings, but for some reason before marriage,” says Veronica.

The ceremony itself is more like a ritual. The couple first become under the decorated arch, they fit the man in the white clothes. In the palm of your hand pours the powder should be rubbed into hands.

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“Looks a little funny. Before steam start knocking stones, then the shaman paints a yellow stripe on the forehead and in the end the newlyweds are to a specially prepared place, where there are baskets with different gifts. Among them, the land of coconuts, which need to be constantly kicking. Husband give something similar to Sapa, and his wife – sapling banana. It is necessary to put. Then the bride needs to buy a special ritual coins. And this bride has of baskets with gifts to extract three products. Then, these items determine the fate of the family, number of children and so forth,” says the woman.

Afterwards the newlyweds will lead to a naked shaman. He is without clothing but covered in beads. He reads a prayer and blesses the family

“At the table should be for the couple to feed each other. First rice, then chicken, mince pie and finally to hold an egg. Finally gift baskets on the head to bring in the house,” says Veronica.

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