New York Harbor want to populate a billion oysters


The new York Harbor for many years polluted, marine life is becoming more and more dying. Non-profit organization working to clean muddy water and reviving its long-lost ecosystem, one oyster at a time.

The Billion Oyster project in 2014, working to restore oyster reefs in the waters surrounding new York. These creatures are natural cleaners: one adult oyster can clear about 50 gallons of water a day. Their reefs can become a habitat for other marine life and help protect the shores of new York from the storm surge during bad weather.

At the moment, the group regained about 30 million oysters in local waters. But it’s still a tiny fraction of what was previously the ecosystem of the oysters. “Without the oyster reefs of the entire coastline will change radically,” said the group’s Executive Director Pete Malinowski (Malinowski Pete). He noted that last year there was a “dramatic” increase in the number of wild oysters that were on the Billion Oyster reef Projects.

The Billion Oyster project cooperates with 70 restaurants in new York. Enterprise sberegatelnyie shell and not throw them away, and volunteers collected and taken to Governor’s island to the East of the Statue of Liberty, which is the basis for the revival of the reefs.