New treatment transforms cancer cells into the chest in a harmless fat


Using the mechanism of cancer cells to spread throughout the body, researchers from the University of Switzerland in Basel were able to convert them into fat. And the drugs they used in the experiment, already approved by Management under the control over products and medicines of the USA.

This method of treatment of breast cancer soon may go through clinical trials and then be used for the treatment of patients. In a study published Monday in the journal Cancer Cell, researchers describe how they have transformed the aggressive form of breast cancer in human body fat of the breast – they introduced the drug anti-diabetic rosiglitazon and inhibitor cancer tramlines.

The researchers found that as a result of the combined treatment, some cancer cells turn into a normal fat cells and stopping them to multiply, says lead author Gerhard Cristofori (Gerhard Christofori). “Moreover, the primary tumor has not metastasized. As far as we can judge from the experiments, the cancer cells turned into fat cells remain fat cells and do not transformirovalsya back,” he said.