New: Russian military and trolls are well aware of the language of Ukrainian weapons

The Russian military, who are directly involved in the aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine, every day there was talk in the language of Ukrainian weapons. And that’s the language they understand very well.

This was stated by the commander-in-chief of the combined forces in an interview with “Voice of Ukraine” (newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine).

Also New hooked a few very important in the life of Ukraine and environmental protection and expressed their opinion about them.

Who is “a soldier of the armed forces of Ukraine”

Modern Ukrainian military, the General said:
– Ensured all standards of the armies of advanced countries.
– Well-trained fighter, including for hybrid war.
Motivated defender and a professional.

Hybrid war and the election

The closer to the election, stressed New, the more provocations in the information space is.

A factory full of Russian trolls in uniform and without them are organized in the regions of Ukraine, in social networks, blogs, forums and instant messengers attack information. Their aim is one: to impose the Russian idea of the Ukrainian voter
– said the commander of the joint forces.

Only the methods are different: the substitution of concepts, lies, speculation and manipulation.

Ukraine and NATO

Ukraine has long and consistently holds the policy of joining the North Atlantic Alliance. All previous to 2014, the history of the independent Ukraine is also done, but slowly and hesitantly. The last 5 years – a rapid leap forward. Ukrainian army today is not much different from the armies of NATO countries, and combat experience – and strides ahead. New believes that the period of Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not so far.

Ukraine – Russia

Those Russian military who secretly dressed in the form of mercenaries and began to bombard peaceful settlements, women, children – they have no right to be called the military.

Because to be a soldier means to have honor, conscience and courage. Be prepared to defend their homeland to the last gasp, not to require a strange, peaceful land. Then it’s not a military man, and a looter, a criminal,
summed up New.

Who is Sergey New?
48. In 1991-1992, after graduating from the Moscow higher military command school he served in Germany. Then in the far East military district. In the Armed Forces of Ukraine in may 1993. Lieutenant-General.

In 2014, he was head of sector “B” during the battle for Donetsk airport. Since the beginning of 2015 the chief of staff operational command “South,” by 2017, the commander of the operational command “Vostok”. He held the position of chief of staff – first Deputy commander of the Land forces of the APU.

From 7 March 2018 – Deputy chief of the General staff APU. On March 16, 2018 – the Commander of the United forces.

It is also known that the brother of Sergey Neva lives and works in the occupied Crimea.

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