New pensions and roads: what changes are waiting for Ukrainians in March

In March of this year, Ukrainians can expect a number of changes. In particular to change the rules of crossing the Russian border, will increase payments to pensioners and will start large-scale road construction.

In Russia – only with a passport

From March 1, 2020 to cross the border with Russia will allow only the passport. Previously needed an internal passport or birth certificate.

Author: UNIAN

To travel to Russia is possible only with the passport

“That should do it for a very long time. Even better to introduce a visa regime – said the international expert Grigory Perepelitsa. – That the customs officers were able to track that person crosses the border, for what purpose, where it will be. Ukraine war with Russia, and citizens of both countries travel back and forth. Therefore, we do not believe in the world. How can there be aggression if the boundary is completely open. Russian to freely arrive in Ukraine, arrange some acts of terrorism, capture companies, recruit Ukrainians. Our government still does not understand that we are a separate state is the border, not my need to cross just like that.”

Will increase assistance to the unemployed

From 1 March, will increase assistance to the unemployed. Those who are payments designated on the basis of salaries and insurance experience, will receive not less than 1,8 thousand UAH. If these figures do not take into account – 650 UAH. In 2019 paid 1440 UAH and UAH 544, respectively.

“The increase in payments is very small. Have done so, because the increased cost of living. Man cannot live on the money, perfect to lift to 4 thousand. Do not be afraid that people will refuse to work. For a long time to be unemployed in Ukraine is impossible. Prior to appointment, payment will have inspections. On account of many just do not put or immediately offered a job. Twice refused – no payments”, – says economist Alexander Okhrimenko.

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Increase the cost to the unemployed

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Only the implementation of the employment programme in 2020 has envisaged UAH 1.2 billion. Last year was 734 million.

Will launch a Ukrainian TV channel in the Donbass

March 1, will launch a Ukrainian TV station for the temporarily occupied territories. Will work on the basis of the channel “SA/TV”.

“We want people in the area knew the truth. Not guided by the opinion of the Russian propagandists understood that there is another point of view. So we can attract people to dialogue and to seek a common solution,” – said the Minister of culture, youth and sport Volodymyr Borodyansky.

From 2016 to restore the Ukrainian broadcasting in the Donbas has built 3 radio and television masts and issued more than 200 frequency assignments. They are used for broadcasting analog and digital television.

Will begin large-scale construction of roads

With the beginning of spring in Ukravtodor will begin large-scale construction of roads. To restore plan 4 thousand km.


Ukravtodor will refuse patching

“It’s not about patching, and new construction or reconstruction. At the output we need good roads, says Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. – While the flagship priority is the road Reshetylivka – Dnepr. Today, Ukravtodor professional management, can organize the construction process, that money is not stolen. The faster we build good roads, the faster will grow our economy”.

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Will increase pensions

Ukrainian pensioners since March 1 will list the payment. Indexing will affect those pensions appointed by age, disability, because of the loss of the breadwinner. Also citizens who have retired on superannuation.


Ukrainian pensioners will receive the allowance

Will not increase the pension of civil servants, scientists, assistants, deputies, judges and prosecutors who have a life annuity; those who receive the maximum payment at 16 380 UAH and special. Index and those who do not have the necessary seniority and receives minimal – 1644 UAH.

If after indexing civil servants or scientists will receive less than old age pensioners, they will automatically recalculate payments.

You will not be able to count on an additional amount to recipients of pensions assigned to 2019-2020, and working pensioners of all categories. For the latest allocation in an individual order will be from April 1 this year. But provided that the official has worked at least two years after a pension.

“In 2020, the projected Cabinet and the national Bank, the price increase will be 5 percent, and indexing is nearly twice as much. It seems to be good, – said a member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin. But when you consider that the most demanded products for seniors – food and drugs getting more expensive over the year by 10 percent or more, the indexing is small. Of course, even this is better than nothing. But, according to our forecasts, the bread, for example, will rise this year for the same 11 percent. That is, loaves of bread, the average pension indexing will not increase”.

Until now, the old-age pensioners received an average of 3064 UAH. After conversion to have an extra 306 UAH. Disability payments increased from 2641 2905 UAH to UAH, for the loss of a breadwinner – with 2916 3207 UAH to UAH. Superannuation – with 4500 4950 UAH to UAH.

New obligations of banks

From March, banks will be forced to disclose complete and current information about the terms of service. It comes on the cost of borrowing, including fees for additional services, the terms of early repayment of credit, possible fines.


Banks will be forced to provide complete and current information about services

The law on the protection of the rights of consumers of financial services introduced on January 20, 2020. But the new rules will earn only since March that workers can adapt to change.

The reason new rules were constant complaints of the people, because banks hid information about the total cost of credit illegally wrote off funds for salary to repay the debt, or increased the credit limit with interest.

Since March, the Ukraine and Slovakia launch the virtual reverse of gas. He had previously been impossible because, under the old contract, the work stations are actually controlled Gazprom. Virtual reverse gas on the border Ukraine – Slovakia was almost 5 years.