New from Xiaomi: what about dual band walkie talkie

New from Xiaomi: what about dual band walkie talkie
17:56 Today, the Telegraph Photo: technology news: Xiaomi has released the radio with a 1.77-inch display and a battery 5200 mAh for $ 67.

As previously reported, the company Xiaomi has announced 20 new products. What is known about dual band walkie talkie called Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Talkie 2.

A few years ago, Xiaomi has already released the MiJia radio Walkie Talkie 1s. The device is now updated and improved, adding several useful features. The radio got a 1.77-inch LCD display, which displays even more information. Moreover, the letters and symbols are clearly visible even in the sun.

Transmit power 5 watts allows you to catch the signal at a distance of 6 kilometers. And the battery capacity of 5200 mAh provides up to 13 days of standby and 15 hours to complete the work. By the way, in the previous model the battery is more than two times less – 2190 mAh.

Charge your device through the USB connector. Also walkie and a headset through a 3.5 mm Jack or via Bluetooth. The speaker volume from Xiaomi MiJia Walkie Talkie 2 22% louder than the previous version. Adjust the volume knob, located near the antenna.

Table clock from Xiaomi measure temperature and humidity

In addition, the IP65 degree of protection, that is, the radio is not afraid of dust and a small amount of water. But to fully immerse her in the water impossible.

Price: Xiaomi Is MiJia Walkie Talkie 2 about 67 dollars. The previous model was almost two times cheaper – $ 35. Sales start April 9.

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