“Need to freshen up”: Nasirov poured water live (video)

MP from the group “people’s Will” Sergei Shakhov during live poured a glass of water on the opponent, the former Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine and presidential candidate of the Roman Nasirov.

The scandalous incident occurred on 8 February, the TV channel ZIK. During the debate Nasirov said that during one year in Ukraine it is possible to raise the minimum wage to 15 thousand hryvnia and a pension to five thousand hryvnia.

At the same time checks Nasirov asked if he worked at this power, which is three years does not give account.

“You want to go for the presidency, did you go? Went. All candidates need to pass the lie detector test and a psychiatric hospital. You now people say on wages, on pensions. And you at what power was used?” – asked the Deputy.

Shah said that all presidential candidates “need to refresh”, Nasirov and poured a glass of water, however before it flew a few drops.

In response to the odious Nasirov said that no one has managed to stain its reputation.

Shahs poured Nasirov water in live: video

MP Sergei Shakhov known for his scandalous behavior and frequent arranging fights with opponents. In August, the shahs and Igor Mosiychuk brutally fight in a live TV channel “Direct”. In particular, the MP from the “will of the people” pushed the radical, from which he fell to the floor. Rising, he began to beat his opponent with the cane, but members of the lit host.

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