Near the school found the ammunition during the Second world war

On school grounds found 96 grenades. Photo: SSES

In Orekhovo Zaporozhye region on the territory of educational institution found 96 grenades, detonators and other explosive items.

“20 Feb, during repair-construction works on the territory of UVK № 2 named after academician Makarov in Orekhovo St. Johann Janzen workers found suspicious items, like explosive”, – informs the State service for emergency situations in the Zaporozhye region.

According to local residents, roughly on the findings during the Second world war, housed the occupying military commander.

Pyrotechnics seized 96 of explosive ordnance (grenades, fuses and other GNP) and bullets of past wars.

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The learning process violate not had, because the students are quarantined, say rescuers.

In Donetsk oblast 24-year-old man died in the explosion of ammunition in a private home. The victim found the shots from an RPG-7 outside of the village and brought it home.