Nature photographer 2018: the Ukrainian recognized as one of the best

On 10 November in Cambridge were declared the winners of the contest Weather Photographer of the Year 2018. One of his best works was the photographer Eugene Samusenko from Odessa.

Author: Yevhen Samuchenko

The work of Ukrainian photographer entered the list of the best Weather Photographer of the Year 2018

This year the best picture was deemed the work of photographer Stephen Catl electric Blackpool (Blackpool Electric), reflecting the numerous lightning in the sky over Blackpool (Lancashire), says

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The winners of the prestigious contest selects Royal meteorological society and AccuWeather. The prize is awarded by the Royal meteorological society each year.

The competition this year was presented a number of different works: photo ridges of snow mountains in the French Alps, a double rainbow over the city of Barcelona, the pictures of the storm Eleanor, in the UK at the beginning of this year, tornadoes in the American Midwest.

One of the best was the work was also Ukrainian Eugene, Samusenko called Ice photographer (Ice Photographer). The photo was taken in Iceland, on Diamond Beach.

Photo: Weather Photographer of the Year 2018

Tourists in a hot air balloon made a video of the migration of thousands of wildebeest in the Savannah of the reserve Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.


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