Named the top highest paid occupations in 2018


According to the portal, the average salary of an employee of the IT sphere in the country is 59630 rubles. Most pros get in Moscow — an average 84400 rubles a month, least of all in Kazan (RUR 48100).

The second position in the ranking of professionals in the field of transport and logistics, in Russia on average earns 50 490 rubles per month. In the capital of the specialists in this field offer up to 70 thousand rubles per month.

The average salary 47270 rubles given to production workers — they were third in the ranking. The earnings is 66700 rubles, in Kazan — 38700.

According to the survey 56 percent of employers are not going to increase or to index salaries in 2019. Plan to do only 19 percent of the chiefs.

In addition, as found by “the Russian newspaper”, every fourth employer in the country intends to start a new working year with layoffs of employees. First, the threat of redundancy is hanging over the workers in the fields of media, marketing and food production.

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