Named the highest paid musicians of 2018


Irish rock band U2 topped the rating of the highest paid musicians. Photo: iHeartRadio

Magazine Forbes named the highest paid musicians in 2018. In the first place in the ranking of the Irish rock band U2.

The magazine has estimated the income of musicians for the period from June 1, 2017 June 1, 2018, writes

The band U2 during this period earned $118 million British band Coldplay for the year was $115.5 million In third place was musician ed Sheeran ($110 million).

The ten most highly paid artists included Bruno Mars ($100 million), Katy Perry ($83 million), Taylor swift ($80 million), Jay-Z ($76.5 million), Guns N ‘Roses ($71 million), Roger waters ($68 million) and Diddy ($64 million).

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