Named best player of Ukrainian championship in 2018.

Declared the winner in the nomination the best player of the Ukrainian championship of 2018.

Only the title was claimed by ten players – Daria Opanasenko, Nadezhda Kunina, Olga Ovdiychuk (“Zhilstroy-1 “), Veronika Andrukhiv, Yana Kalinina, Tatiana polyukhovich (“Zhilstroy-2”), Maria Ibrahimova (“Unity-shvsm”), Julia stets (“Sunrise”), Aline De Freitas (“Lviv-Antirock”) and Marina Seinuk (“Ladomir”).

However, all the struggle was between Daria, Apanasenko and Olga Ovdiychuk. As a result, gaining 82 points, the winner in the category was Daria, Apanasenko, which is only two points ahead of her teammate Olga, Ovdiychuk. The three leaders added another representative “Zhilstroy-1”, which in the spring was performed in the Chernigov “Legend shvsm” – Hope Kunin.

Video Gol Darya Apanasenko in the Ukrainian Cup final

It is worth noting that the previous three years the best player of the Ukrainian championship, admitted that she Ovdiychuk. And for the previous five years she was awarded this title four times.

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