Nabiullina has presented the new banknotes: 200 Crimea, Vladivostok 2000

The head of the Russian Central Bank has introduced new banknotes in denominations of 200 and 2,000 rubles, which today officially introduced into circulation.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to Nabiullina, the first banknotes will get in Moscow, in the far East and in the Crimea. The choice of regions is connected with the fact that dvuhmetrovoy the banknote depicts the sights of the Crimea, and in the two thousandth, respectively, of the Far East.

We are talking about the monument to the scuttled ships in Sevastopol, Chersonesus Tavrichesky, the bridge on island Russian and the Eastern spaceport.

While Nabiullina rejected the possible damage to the ruble because of the placement of a 200-ruble banknote of views of the Crimea, whose annexation is not recognized by other States. The banker also recognized the influence of the song of group “Mumiy Troll” “Vladivostok 2000” on the emergence of relevant bills.

photo cbr.ru

According to the head of the Central Bank, the banknote is designed in strict confidence to protect from counterfeiters, in the mass circulation they will appear in December. From today we begin the practical setting up of ATMs, previously tested on samples in the reception of new bills.

Has released new banknotes “innovative,” noting that only patents of Goznak in their manufacture was used 15, and 200-ruble notes were made of particularly durable: the new banknotes will be more durable than one and a half times compared with the previous, they are made of cotton paper with the use of polymers. Also, the colours of the new banknotes was made especially vivid for visually impaired people.

photo cbr.ru

The new banknotes also used QR-Cola, leading to the Bank of Russia, multi-tone watermarks, security thread, etc.

Nabiullina said that now consider a nominal number of the Russian currency in full and do not plan to release banknotes with new numbers.

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