Mysterious hole more of Maine opened in Antarctica

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Satellite images of sea ice in the Weddell sea of Antarctica around the end of September 2017 climatologists found a huge failure – more than the Netherlands or the state of Maine.

A giant hole in the photo – the dark area of open water in the glacier. Hole in the ice was found with tools MODIS-Aqua used by NASA Worldview. Scientists do not know exactly what causes provoked the appearance of failure in the ice, especially in the winter Antarctic.

“It’s like as if someone punched a hole in the ice,” said physicist Kent Moore (Kent Moore) from the University of Toronto. Moore along with a group of ocean observing and climate (SOCCOM) of the southern ocean at Princeton studying the mysterious hole.

National Geographic explains that polynyas appear when ocean currents push warm water to the surface, that melts the ice that lies on top. As soon as the surface water exposed to the atmosphere of the Antarctic ocean, it cools and sinks, then warms up and rises back to the surface.

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