Myron MARKEVYCH: “Blokhin needs to help our football”

Myron Markevych. Photo:

The head of the Committee of national teams of FFU Miron Markevich told about the tasks for the year 2019.

– They say that Ukrainian team in the qualifying tournament, Euro 2020 will compete with Serbia for second place, and there are those who believe that blue and yellow will be able to compete with the Portuguese in the struggle for first place in the table…

– No doubt, we should aim to win the group. Now football is so unpredictable that the favourite does not always and favorite.

Of course, the names of the Portuguese team looks solid, but many of our guys have gained experience, so the best faith in me never leaves.

– Oleh Blokhin was appointed co-chair of the Council on strategic development of professional football, the FFU. In some planes you will have the interaction?

– Oleg Vladimirovich great football experience. Blokhin was such a football school, thank God. I believe this is a major acquisition for the FFU. In the current situation it is important that our football went ahead, and a person like Blokhin, should help in this regard.

– You supported the candidacy of Ruslan rotan, the head coach of the youth national team…

I told him that in September, when the start of the qualifying tournament of Euro, it will start a new life. The guy he’s serious. I can say for our joint work in “Dnipro”. I want him to be in the same coach as he was a captain.

– What are the challenges for teams in 2019?

– Only a maximum. The national team is to play in the final part of the Euro, the youth team is to overcome the elite round and the national team U-20 is to compete at the world Championships. But it is very important that clubs release all players, which will cause Oleksandr Petrakov.

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