“My story is absolutely incredible”: astronaut self-taught died trying to “fly to the sky”

photo: a frame from the video

First flight went well, the rocket soared into the air and rapidly gain height, but after a few seconds, it became clear that something goes wrong. Instead of going up the device is turned over and began to decline sharply. At this time, the rocket is separated into a parachute which was empty – the insurance system worked poorly. In the end, the wreckage of the rocket fell one kilometer from launch pad, and together they crashed by the pilot.

Anyway, Mike Hughes’m really sorry. Unlike most other skeptics denying science, he actually did something to prove their ideas. And he was so committed to them that he was ready to put his life on the line for their confirmation. Dream Hughes was to reach 100 kilometers, and in-person to go into space, or the same person to prove that space does not exist. It is clear that the goal to achieve using only homemade steam rockets is impossible, but impressive is the tenacity with which Hughes was to his goal. Actually a little sorry that he is still not invited to participate in this space flight, but not the fact that he even needed it. He was trying to prove their ideas independently, and regardless of their absurdity, it’s perseverance and sacrifice cause a great deal of respect.