Muzychuk and Boxes – the best chess players of Ukraine, 2018

Titled Ukrainian grandmaster Mariya Muzychuk (Lviv) and Anton Korobov (Kharkov, Ukraine) became laureates of the contest “Chess Hetman” as the best chess player and the best player of Ukraine in 2018.

The winners of this contest, that is held by the community “Ukrainian chess” and the website “Yadav Ukraine” are determined by a personal vote. It involved only the Ukrainian grandmasters. Calls each of the top five in the men’s and women’s chess. For the first place nominee receives 10 points, second 7, third – 5, fourth 3, fifth 1.

In the competition “Chess Hetman”-2018 Anton Korobov scored 303 points (25 respondents grandmasters put Kharkiv in the first place, 5 second, 3 third and 1 fourth place), Maria Muzychuk scored 308 points (21 first place and 14 second).

In the present survey was 65 (!) grandmasters.

Anton Korobov

Competition “chess Hetman” was held for the 14th time. Men’s eight times winner Vassily Ivanchuk, twice, Anton Korobov, Pavel Eljanov (both – Kharkov) and Ruslan Ponomariov (Kiev). Women have six wins on account of Catherine Lahno (now is Russia), two Anna and Maria Muzychuk (Lviv), Natalia Zhukova (Odessa) and Anna Ushenina (Kharkiv).

“Chess Hetman”-2018: the first three

Men (31 nominees)
1. Anton Korobov (Kharkov, 2675) – 303
2. Vassily Ivanchuk (Lviv, 2677) – 151
3. Pavel Eljanov (Kharkov, 2661) – 141…

Women (16 nominees)
1. Mary Rustchuk (Lviv, 2563) – 308
2. Anna Muzychuk (Lviv, 2539) – 262
3. Natalia Bush (Lions, 2407) – 115…

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