Mustache wants to fight Povetkin

Mustache wants to fight Povetkin
20:03 Today, the Telegraph sports news: Earlier, the promoter of the Ukrainian boxer Alexander Krasyuk has confirmed that Oleksandr Usyk debuts in the heavyweight division may 25 fight against Carlos Takama.

However, the promoter said that in the future the fight against Alexander Povetkin is also possible:

“The tendril expressed a desire to fight with Povetkin. After this we are in the middle of January I met Egis Klimas and Eddie Hinnom in new York and discussed the candidacy of Povetkin.

The promoter called the date and place of the battle Mustache – Takam

We had a long drawn negotiations, the decision was not taken. We have reached the stage when there is no place to pull already, and decided to fight with Takuma. After that Povetkin agreed to the fight, but we already had an agreement on the Tacoma.

It so happened that did not happen this fight “glue”, but I do not exclude that in the future the fight with Povetkin will be held.”

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