Music 2018: 10 best albums from the world of musicians

2018 proved to be very fruitful for musicians new albums, full stadiums of fans and, of course, fame and money! But today we are not talking about it, and about the music, which really need to be thankful this year, not because the buttocks of some of the singer much more convincing than her voice.

Among all the musical diversity of LifeStyle 24 selected 10 albums from the world of musicians that I think deserve your attention. Turn on louder and enjoy! Not only Christmas selections to listen to 🙂

Twenty One Pilots – Trench

“Trench” is the fifth album from Twenty One Pilots. The musicians within a few months it was released clips on new tracks, which together formed a real mini-movie.

Musicians are famous for their passion for all sorts of ciphers and secrets. Therefore, in the brand new clips to roam really is!

The Central image compositions is a fictional city run by nine bishops, and the most important among them is Nico. The story in the compositions is from a group of rebels, some of whom we see Tyler Joseph and Josh Dana, who are preparing to escape from the city.

Twenty One Pilots – Jumpsuit (watch online video)


In the final video for “Levitate” the singer of Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph is a rite of passage. However, the ending of the clip suggests that this is not the end!

By the way, the single “Jumpsuit” broke records in the history of music: all quickly risen to the top of the Billboard chart for the last 10 years.

Twenty One Pilots – Nico And The Niners (watch online video)


“Trench” is the first album of 2015, then came the breakthrough release of “Blurryface”. In the summer of 2017 Twenty One Pilots took a year off to rest and record a new LP. To hear the album, the Ukrainians will be able January 30, 2019, by the way, Kiev will be the first European city that you hear “Trench” in the flesh.

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Arms and Sleepers – Find the Right Place

Boston Duo Arms and Sleepers in this year pleased with the sixth full album “Find the Right Place”. Musicians have traditionally presented instrumental relaxation and ambient trip-hop.

It is impossible not to notice the difference between the new album and previous works. Like the title of the album “Find the Right Place” (to Find the right/correct place) fully reflects its content, since it is possible to say that the Duo has found their new and fresh sound.

Arms and Sleepers – Find The Right Place (listen to the album in full)


Guest vocalists are not bored, and avant-garde sound that is generated by the computer and the person just defies description. The sound of the album is viscous and warm, as the August air. Because if cold, turn on and enjoy!

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Snow Patrol – Wildness

Snow Patrol after the massive success of gone as much as 7 years! Irish pop-rockers faced with a crisis, and the singer suffered from depression and drug addiction. It was a hard 7 years of silence, but the album “Wildness” musicians marked the overcoming this period. Musicians do not have to hide from their own feelings and problems, and talked about them and their struggle. And it’s got an incredible sound!

In the mid-2000s, Snow Patrol called “the new Coldplay”. Their two albums “Final Straw” (2004) and “Eyes Open” (2006) sold millions of copies, the band released several international hits. Subsequent albums had more moderate success, and after the release in 2013 of the collection of the best singles the band disappeared.

Snow Patrol – Heal Me (watch online video)

The reason for the lull was depressed Snow Patrol leader Gary Lightbody caused by alcohol, cocaine addiction and inability to write new songs. Seventh album, “Wildness” is devoted to overcoming these difficulties: tracklist of this record eloquently tells the story of how the Lightbody re-found myself.

Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In (watch online video)


Listening to the album, you can literally physically feel how they feel, Lightbody. The sadness in his voice is new, what distinguishes this album from previous ones. And even a group of accused that no new ideas, and the music is “burned out sun” – Snow Patrol never sounded. Uncouth hoarseness, processed in the audio editor, acoustic guitar and background struggle with himself – that’s what carries the album and that’s what makes it special.

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Noize MC – Orpheus & Eurydice (hip hop Opera)

Noize MC in 2018 presented something that simply does not fit into any framework!

Hip-hop Opera from Noize MC contains 30 tracks! Some of them are sure to be doomed to hit success. One of them – “Voice & Strings” – even before the release of the video was filmed. Each song is a hip-hop Opera is an integral piece of the puzzle in the overall storyline, it’s more than just a song with reference to the previous song.

Noize MC — the Voice & Strings (play video online)


Noize definitely did a fantastic job. He first created the material, rehearsed, and then reinterpreted and recorded in the Studio where he invited many guests. But the plot and the musical component, Noize wrote the text not only to their parties but also to nearly all “guest”, including women.

Noize MC — Without us (watch online video)


Besides the creative part, it is very important to work management for the introduction of material into the minds of the public. At least, this is a good option to attract new listeners, including those who are far from classic material, Noize MC.

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The Carters (Jay Z & Ooopsie) – Everything is Love

American rapper Jay Z and singer Woopse (who are also husband and wife) have teamed up in a duet for The Carters, and, in fact, without warning released a joint album, “Everything is Love”.

Rumors about the merger of Jay Z and Ooopsie went back to 2016, but during the first attempt to work together, the musicians started recording solo songs. This time they all turned out, and the first collaborative album contains 9 songs and a bonus track, “SALUD!”with the participation of hip-hop trio Migos and Pharrell Williams.

Composition made in the best traditions of the previous collaborations of a couple – they perfectly complement each other, and sometimes switch places: Ooopsie exercising skill rechetativa, and Jay goes to the lyrics – thanks to this symbiosis work feels solid.

The Carters – APES**T (watch online video)


The album became a kind of confession of two artists. Jay managed to criticize the Grammys (sending the prize to go to hell, because of the 8 nominations he didn’t win any), also mentioned the Super Bowl: “I refused the Super Bowl. I need them, and they told me no.” You can consider this confirmation that Jay still refused to speak at the February show. But Ooopsie sent to hell Spotify, where her last LP did not appear because of a conflict with the rules of the service.

Not without revelations regarding married life: “We broke up and then got back together. We came and conquered. Now we are happy in love”. It seems that the spouses can’t stop, and they spoke about everything, about what were silent earlier.

Along with the album came the video for the track “APES**T”. Even if you are a fan of Woopse, that see it though, because the shooting took place in the Louvre! What other artists can boast that? In the clip, the musicians again have outdone themselves part of the aesthetics, charisma and skills to do the performance, which does not come off.

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Tom Odell – Jubilee Road

British singer Tom Odell has released his long-awaited third full-length album “Jubilee Road”. In General, in the first two years a record of the artist featured 11 tracks.

Incorrigible romantic songs, love stories and sense their performance – exactly what you need for the long and cold evenings. Special attention deserves the song “Half As Good As You”, performed together with the German singer Alice Merton. It is her voice made rhythmic acoustic track even more expressive, highlighting the contrast of female and male voices in the context of two people with a broken heart, yet are unable to move away from emotional trauma. That’s an uplifting anthem for all the romantic souls, who instills in the hearts of light and heat.

Tom Odell – Half As Good As You ft. Alice Merton (watch online video)


In support of the new album of Tom Odell will embark on a big tour and will visit Ukraine. In Kiev, the concert scheduled for February 5, 2019 in Stereoplaza. In Lviv, the musician will perform on the following day – Feb 6 at club Malevich.

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Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

New Arctic Monkeys album immediately after the release was accepted cool enough by audiences and critics alike, but the latter apparently later changed his mind. “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” you can find almost in every second list with the best albums.

Their last album, the group presented in 2013. During this period, the band members tried to force other projects (e.g., Alex Turner took part in the duet “The Last Shadow Puppets”, and Matt Helders began collaborating with Iggy Pop).

Generally, the new album was supposed to be a solo project of Alex Turner, but the musicians from the group somehow persuaded him to work together, so the album was released under the name Arctic Monkeys.

Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (watch online video)


In General, if you continue to expect a repeat of the hurried “Whatever People Say I Am, that’s What I’m Not” (12 years!) or miss high-speed riffs like “Brainstorm” by Arctic Monkeys “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” will probably cause you nothing but dreary yawn. If you’re a bit tired of loud self-congratulation, ready to listen and listen the album may surprise you. Try it and see for yourself.

Of course you do not want to engage in prediction, but there are rumors that the collapse of the Arctic Monkeys is not far off. So enjoy, while it’s all there!

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MGMT – Little Dark Age

The new album MGMT “Little Dark Age” continues a strange but attractive tradition of the group. After 5 years, the Brooklyn indie-pop Duo is back again to make a small revolution.

MGMT – Little Dark Age (listen to the album in full)


MGMT have always been a dark streak, depressing and a little desperate. It was subtle, read between the lines. In the new album she is seen stronger, reaching its climax in the titular “Little Dark Age”. If you compare the new album MGMT from previous works from the viewpoint of the average viewer, it’s the best since “Time To Pretend”.

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30 Seconds to Mars – America

New album Thirty Seconds To Mars “AMERICA” the audience waited four and a half years. And the main question that arose after its release – will there be 30STM rockers?

In new releases you will find virtually no guitar sound, because musicians are increasingly moving towards electronic music, which today has gained wide popularity. In the new tracks there is plenty of guitar effects, and various bits, which perfectly would fit, and in hip-hop, and pop music.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Rescue Me (watch online video)

With the exception, perhaps, is the instrumental track “Monolith”, here sound of a guitar resonates with the strings. Not less epic listens to the hymn “Great Wide Open”, where an important role is played by the piano and guitar delay, and the voice of Jared, framed by a gospel choir, sounds on and off the anguish.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – the Great Wide Open (watch online video)


And for those who do come – come on, today is a long time, no alternative rock, no rock-n-roll are the leading trends in music. So this evolution of “Mars” seems very appropriate and definitely bring a group of new listeners.

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Let the new year be even more amazing and high-quality releases! And your favorite albums by foreign musicians share in the comments.

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