Mushroom told how he in detention in Belarus was beaten

Mushroom told how he in detention in Belarus was beaten
08:22 UNIAN Today, the Telegraph Photo: Twitter news of Ukraine: Ukrainian Pavel Grib, who was illegally detained by employees of FSB of the Russian Federation on the territory of Belarus, beat him and shot on video.

Employees of the FSB, kidnapped a citizen of Ukraine Pavel Mushroom on the territory of Belarus, beat him, removing the process on video. This Ukrainian political prisoner said during one of the hearings, stated in the report by Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

According to the investigators, Mushroom detained in the Russian town of Yartsevo. Operatives of the criminal investigation, which allegedly held the detention, the court questioned via video link.

“They had the information, and we arrived at the station. On the platform he saw a suspicious young man. Approached him, showed documents, checked documents. He was carrying a Ukrainian passport . Because he was acting suspiciously, asked him to come with us in the Department, he agreed. He explained that he was going whether his girlfriend, or friend. It was about eight or nine in the evening, the exact time can not remember. We “skated” his fingers, the guy is not resisted, was not in handcuffs. It turned out he wanted the FSB,” – said the investigator Alexander Bespalov.

On the question of the counsel that Paul alerted investigators, Bespalov said: “He walked aimlessly around the platform and looked back and forth at parties.” But the Ukrainian political prisoner denies the words of the Russian strongman. “Me, these people are not detained, I do not know them. In Yartsevo I didn’t come. My detention was not August 25, and 24, and not in Yartsevo and in Gomel, Belarus. I was abducted by the FSB. Strangers threw me in a minibus and taken across the border,” said Pavel Mushroom.

According to Paul Mushroom, immediately after his meeting with the Russian woman Tatiana Ershova, with which he became acquainted with social networks, at the bus station in Gomel, he was kidnapped by FSB. The Ukrainian added that well remembered the kidnappers and when the meeting would be able to identify them. “After the conversation I went to the bus station to return to Ukraine, however, I was met by unknown people. There were five of them. Looked like ordinary people – jeans, black jackets. My head pulled her hood up, loaded into a van and taken to the woods,” – said the Mushroom.

The Ukrainian said that he was beaten, taking the abuse on video, and only then taken to the investigator for questioning.

“Beaten on the legs and in the stomach, caught it on camera; they took the documents and return ticket. Then lucky at some gym. Remember there was the Swedish wall. I threatened to hang her upside down. Hands tied weights. In a toilet drove, but did not allowed to drink or eat. And then to the investigator”, – said the prisoner.

“He said, “you Either admit everything, or remain here,” added the Mushroom. As evidence for the prosecution showed a video of the interrogation of Paul by the investigators of the Krasnodar FSB. The video of interrogation at the hands of Ukrainian visible abrasions and bruises. “You can see that I applied a force and I could not clearly explain anything,” says the court Paul Mushroom.

Although the investigators at the trial is expected denied it and claimed that physical violence to the alleged Fungus was not used. Questioning the girl, whom met Grib, Tatiana Ershova and her mother was held behind closed doors, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

“During the first interrogation she said that the testimony she wrote to the investigator, she only signed. To me, she explained it this way: “the Investigator told me that if I want to help the Pasha, you must sign the statement.” I think they were misled and Tatiana and Pasha.

At the last interrogation Tanya at first just cried. Clearly she had nothing to say, it is often reassuring. Then when again pressed on it, she came out and just said confirms all the testimony read by the Prosecutor. The ones who gave her to sign, the investigator -written in dry legal language”, – told on interrogation of Tatiana Ershova lawyer Marina Dubrovina.

As reported on the arrest of Paul of the Fungus became known on August 28, 2017, when this was stated by his father, at that time a member of the public Council of the state border service of Ukraine Igor Mushroom.

According to father, August 24, 19-year-old boy went to the Belarusian town of Gomel to a meeting with the girl, whom he met and communicated only on social networks. The girl had come to meet from Russia. 7 September 2017 it became known that the Fungus kept in the remand prison in Krasnodar.

Russian investigators accuse the young man in the alleged preparation of a terrorist attack at a school meeting in Sochi. Mushroom grave congenital disease, portal hypertension, he needs daily specific treatment. The Russian authorities refused to allow Ukrainian doctors for visit and inspection of Ukrainians in jail.

According to the foreign Ministry, the proper treatment of the boy is not getting. 7 Nov 2018 North Caucasus district military court once again prolonged for 6 months the period of detention in custody of the Fungus. 23 November 2018 at the hearing the witness for the prosecution changed her testimony in favor of the Fungus.

Ukrainian political prisoner Mushroom announced the substitution of the main witness in his case

Friend brush partially retracted his earlier testimony and stated that the Fungus did not discuss with my father the plan of attack, and the policy was not the main topic of their conversations. 12 Dec 2018 Fungus in court became ill. The ambulance arrived on a call, stated the need for examination of the Fungus. The court hearing was postponed to 21 December 2018 and the survey has not been conducted.

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