“Mushroom rainbow” expands production in Kursk region

Greenhouse complex for the production of champignons “Mushroom rainbow” plans to occupy about 20% of the market and become a leader in its segment. To this end, the company Alexander Udodova and Oleg Logvinov will attract more investment to expand production. Previously, “Alfa-Bank” gave “Mushroom rainbow,” credit financing in the amount of 2 billion rubles.

The project started last summer, when the Kursk region was launched the first phase of the “Mushroom rainbow”. In mid-may, 2018, the company opened the second phase of the complex. To date, the total capacity of the plant is about 8 thousand tons of mushrooms per year, making it the largest complex for the production of mushrooms.

In the near future shareholders “Mushroom rainbow” – Alexander Udodov (75%) and Oleg Logvinov (25%) – plan to complete construction of the third stage of the complex. According to Udodova, the start of the third stage will allow to produce up to 17 tons of mushrooms per year.

“We are grateful to the “Alfa-Bank” for financial support, which played a significant role during the launch phase of the project,” said the owner of the “Mushroom rainbow” Alexander Udodov. For its part, the Bank has expressed willingness to work with promising projects in the field of import substitution. “Decisions on funding based on the analysis of the business model of the borrower, willingness of owners to invest, team experience and other factors,” – said a member of the Board of the lending Bank, co-head of the block “Corporate investment Bank” Maxim Pershin. According to him, the successful development of the project “Mushroom rainbow”, “once again confirms the high level of credit expertise of the Bank.”

Apart from the scale the project is using innovative technologies. For example, the complex runs completely on its own compost. This and other nuances allow the company to reduce its dependence on market conditions.

The local authorities highly appreciate the contribution of the “Mushroom rainbow” in the development of the economy of the region. Start of production of mushrooms is allowed to create new jobs in the Kursk region. According to the Governor of the region Alexander Mikhailov, “with such investor is a pleasure to deal with.” During a visit to the mushroom company, he expressed the hope that “the third phase will be commissioned before the end of this year as planned”.

For its part, the administration of Kursk region also had a “Mushroom rainbow” support. According to the signed bilateral investment agreement, the company received a right to join the MFN and the corresponding tax benefits. “In the region we are trying to create a good investment climate”, – said Alexander Mikhailov.

In the second half of 2017 “Mushroom rainbow” produced more than 1.7 thousand tons of mushrooms for the sum of 220 million roubles. The company supplies both the local market and in neighboring Belgorod, Orel and Voronezh. In addition, the products of “Mushroom rainbow” has managed to take a place on the shelves of trade networks in Kazan, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Togliatti, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

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