Mud is good for kids

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Despite the widespread belief that children need to be kept clean, American microbiologist Jack Gilbert (Jack Gilbert) from the University of Chicago proved in the new study, in fact, mud is good for children.

Jack Gilbert is studying microbial ecosystems. He decided to find out what risks are associated with when today’s children come in contact with biological contamination. It turned out that most the idea of disinfection do not work. “If the pacifier fell on the floor and you just raise, lick and give the child”, in fact it will stimulate the immune system of the child,” said Gilbert.

Excessive sanitary conditions, lack of contact with animals and use of disinfectants does not help build immunity. Gibert says that the presence of Pets can really be beneficial to the health of the child, and for washing the roar of fairly warm soapy water.
Gilbert indicates that as long as the children will be vaccinated and eat the right foods, including vegetables, they should be allowed to “explore the world”, including the dirt.

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