Motivational books will help students to make a career

Seniors Borznyanskiy specialized boarding school (Chernihiv region) received a gift – a few tens of motivational books on leadership development, business skills and psychology.


Employees of the company “Coca-Cola beverages Ukraine” has transferred several dozen motivational books on leadership development, business skills and psychology to high school students Borznyanskiy specialized boarding school

The books transferred to the library Fund Borznyanskiy school employees of the company “Coca-Cola beverages Ukraine”, will be useful to young people who soon will finish school and must choose a path to go further and to decide on their future profession.

The professional development of young generation is one of the priorities for the company, and four years ago in conjunction with the public Union “Osmeteria” the company launched an educational youth development program #YouthEmpowered. It helps to prepare students in grades 10-11 to external assessment and admission to higher education institutions.

Last school year, 85% of graduates from 14 boarding schools, where he worked the program, enrolled in universities, career guidance test “Magellano University” helped to choose a profession calling for 65% of the students.

In this academic year, the project covers 15 institutions in 9 regions of Ukraine, where he studied more than 1,200 high school students. Among educational institutions and Borznyansky boarding school, which at the end of January visited the representatives of the company. By the way, this school was the first who received the motivational books, which are partly purchased with funds raised during the charity auction and Christmas fair among employees. Then they get other sponsored orphanages.

However, an even greater motivation should be the successful career that young people will be able to do, attaching the appropriate effort in their studies. It was stressed by guests, communicating with students Borznyanskiy boarding school. “Don’t waste your time on something that don’t interest you, choose what you really like and what you will enjoy in the future and what will earn a living. Not to proceed in a University, say, in company with another,” was advised by the Director of the branch of “Coca-Cola beverages Ukraine” (Kyiv and Chernihiv region) Dmitry Onishchuk.


Employees of the company “Coca-Cola beverages Ukraine” has transferred around 500 motivational books on leadership development, business skills and psychology to high school students in boarding schools

He shared his own experience – how many years ago decided to study for the driver of the train, from a small town in Western Ukraine came to study in University in Kiev, but in the end realized that it was not his calling and began to try himself in the other. “”Coca-Cola beverages Ukraine” I got ten years ago, and – according to the ad in the newspaper, which did not indicate the name of the company. I was surprised that I got an interview at a big company, but on the other hand, I sincerely answered questions, passed all the interviews and started with the lowest position. Here I was able to realize themselves, climbing the corporate ladder” – he said during a motivational training.

Such trainings are important, they let you know about the dreams and the propensity of seniors to help them develop. Boys and girls see the real people who were able to succeed, starting from scratch, have a stable job. Can obtain from them useful tips to help achieve success for themselves.


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