Most popular gifs 2018: funny collection

Moving animations from famous movies, TV shows, or other resource users like to use in their social networks. Experts have identified the top 10 most popular used by lovers of informal communication.

This is reported by Mashable.

One of the most popular gifs on Giphy resource became funny reactions celebrities, and graphic animation-congratulations on the birthday and other holidays. Most popular not comfortable with voice input was Cardi B and her phrase “Okurrr” she said during the show Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show.

Top 10 most popular gifs of 2018:

1. Cardi B “Okurrr”

2. “Columbia Football”

3. Happy dwarf-dancer

4. Until 2017-th year. Hey, 2018!

5. “All my love is for you”

6. The countdown to the New year

7. “Thinking of you”

8. Like A Boss

9. Happy birthday

10. Football Player Deandre Hopkins “Yup”

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