Mosquitoes from “Svit neweport” SANASA, Yak survived rozluka s Kucherenko from Kita

Dmitro Komarov s entourage, photo by press Department 1+1

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Traveler Dmitro Komarov voroshnevo respown, UC Kita perejival rozluka s entourage Alexandrou Kucherenko. Nedavno veduchikh Zdislav trevala expedite in China for siomki new season “World neweport”.

Veduchikh travel-show “Svit neweport” on canal “1+1” Dmitro Komarov sznews scho if VIN CCB bachelor, then mg smilevo hate in Expedit trevally hope 4 the month. But after the wedding he specjalno becoming planovaci graft Podoroga so, dwellers Bula mozliwosci bacidia s entourage.

Dmytro Komarov, photo: press Department 1+1

“Practical whole trivaly period ziomek mi s entourage regularly Basilica. Mi ltaly tudi-flies s LTE before the New year. Via will after the cob ziomek Sasha priletela to me in China, I mi Nati not supinely siomki. Next, sche through misyats, mi for 5 days sustris in Talend, de held neimovirna journey “dykun” on pmnoc on Gordon s Brow I Laos. Next I PrimeTV on the day narodzhennya Cash I Obuv has a few tiinv on robot, prokontroliroval process obrobki kitaiskogo material I preparation vipusku. Operator Sasha Dmitrov Ter provv hour s family W”, – writing of Mosquitoes. Dmitro Komarov

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The words Dmytro Komarov, navti velicity vastani mizh pair not a pereshkod for spraving of love. Traveler zauvazhiv scho extend VSI skladnosti vanasin on vgscan, he love his job. I to produit semati programa “Svit neweport”.

Dmytro Komarov, photo: press Department 1+1

“Creel’s love snout y-axis chomu our secret of borotba s dougou rozluky pid hour of expedite. Yea bagato prophesy, POV’yazanyh s Dougie vgrajeni: sailors far plavannya, letchiki, dalcobank, machiniste, mandrunk. Ale for spraving love this is not pereshkod. Shodn?”, – sapita Mosquitoes. Dmitro Komarov

The pershoho the issue of the new season of “Svit neweport” Ukrainian mandrunk pocha vgcreate Glazachev process of creation talnikova China, showed exclusive Qadri naivas Soln monasteries, and also spravzhnyu ditco army Pdease. In other ser Dmitro Komarov held CLI day rol novice Shana. The Yom dovedetsja detrimental vsih rules for monov, sluchaty mentor / life in Suvorin rasporedom day, that pochins has to immediately Sonts. Mandrunk udastsja to spend uncanny syomka talnikova ritual kudi nazemtsev not puskayut.

Dmytro Komarov, photo: press Department 1+1

Dmytro Komarov, photo: press Department 1+1

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Yesterday I answered the most popular question of the week from viewers – about the coronavirus. And today I will answer the question #1 from my colleagues, which is in every interview. And after China this question is not about the country)) “Dmitry, this is the first expedition in which you went already married. You and your wife have been through a long separation?”, – sounds like the most specified all this the first week question)) Understand the interest and meet all)) Earlier, as a bachelor, I was away for 4 months and more. Now almost the entire semi-annual period of the filming my wife and had regular meetings. Thanks to our partner airlines @turkishairlines, the boards of which we flew back and forth from summer to the new year. “Under the wings of love” Turkish Airlines, as we behind the scenes with his wife called the airline for me in China, or the nearest point several times flew Sasha and I flew to her. We even had acquired reflexes: as soon as we go on Board the Turkish – something inside ekaet nice, because with these aircraft we relate the most pleasant memories in life is a honeymoon, family trip and of course the lack of a long separation during expeditions. I began to build the trip so that we saw each other more often. After a month of filming Sasha came to me in China, and we didn’t even stop shooting. Then, a month later, we are at 5 days was found in Thailand, where he spent the incredible journey “savage” in the North, on the border with Burma and Laos. Then I flew to the birthday party of Sasha and I stayed a couple of weeks on the job, supervised the processing of Chinese material and training issues. Operator Sasha Dmitriev has been with the family. For this reason, flew home for a couple of weeks in a month. And on new year Turkish Airlines again brought Sasha in Singapore, where we together met new year) Wings of love exist, that is our secret deal with a long separation during expeditions) There are many professions related to the long travel: the long voyage sailors, pilots, truck drivers, machinists, travelers)) But true love is not a barrier. Agree? #minitank #WidenYourWorld #TKMoments

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Nagado, as Dmitro Komarov podlasia vidverto Pro rasstavanie s entourage: “For spraving of love…”

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