More than fifty thousand Ukrainians had measles in 2018

Public health center of Ministry of health of Ukraine has published data showing that in 2018 measles sick 54 thousand Ukrainians.

This is stated on the Agency’s website.

Of the 54 thousand people – 20 204 34 adults and 277 children. The Ministry notes that over the 52 week 2018 measles ill 2 154 – 865 1 289 adults children.

To protect yourself from measles need to be vaccinated, it is the only method of protection.

Measles – what is it?

This is an extremely contagious infectious disease, transmitted from infected person to a healthy droplets, ie, when sneezing, coughs or talks. The measles virus can live in the air and on surfaces up to two hours after a sick person left the room.

Measles is dangerous because it can lead to serious complications: pneumonia, ear infections, brain inflammation – encephalitis, and other serious complications as well as disability and death.

Calendar of preventive vaccinations

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