More than a thousand unvaccinated children are not allowed in school in Lutsk

In luck 1098 students suspended from school for lack of vaccination against measles.

This was announced by Deputy head of Department of education of Lutsk city Council Tatiana Shortcuts.

She noted that principals are acting in accordance with the decree of the head of Volyn regional state administration from 1 November 2018, which refers to the exclusion from the educational process of children with measles immunization.

“As of 21 January 2019 1098 children were excluded from the study because of the lack of measles immunization,” said Tatiana Shortcuts.

Deputy head of Department of education of Lutsk city Council added that in each institution the decision on the exclusion of unvaccinated children to learn accepted the decision of the pedagogical Council.

Measles – what is it?

It is a highly contagious infectious disease transmitted from an infected person to a healthy droplets, ie, when sneezing, coughs or talks. The measles virus can live in the air and on surfaces up to two hours after a sick person left the room.

In turn, the chief doctor of the enterprise “Lutsk city children’s polyclinic” Oksana Leszczynski noted that there were more than 3 thousand cases of parents ignoring messages about the need for vaccinations.

“Only vaccination and revaccination is a sure way to prevent measles outbreaks. Therefore, the withdrawal of children from education is a necessary step, because measles is very easily transmitted by droplets and become infected very easily,” she said.

Note that two doses of vaccine protects against measles for life. Revaccination is not necessary if you did such a vaccine in childhood (1 and 6 years).

The measles outbreak in Ukraine

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