More than 773 million email addresses leaked in the network


Leakage 773 million e-mail addresses was the largest in recent years.

A well-known researcher of Internet security Troy hunt (Troy Hunt) reported a serious leak – 773 million unique email IDs and 21 million unique passwords, which he calls the “Collection No. 1” hit the net. 12 000 files with a total size of 87 GB was posted on MEGA. Later the files were deleted from the hosting platform, but they remain on the popular hacker forum, which he does not name.

Hunt described the files as “a collection of more than 2,000 broken databases and combinations (e-mail addresses and passwords), stored on”. This is the biggest data breach after a colossal collapse by Yahoo in 2013, which affected nearly three billion accounts. However, in the leaked files this time, no sensitive information – for example, the data of Bank cards.