More Americans blame trump in the closing work of the government


More Americans blame trump in the closing work of the government


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Supporters of the Republican party continue to support the President in his dispute with the Democrats


More Americans blame the President the Donald trump lasted about 18 days, “the shutdown” – a partial termination of the Federal government, which resulted in no salary left hundreds of thousands of civil servants.

However, most of the supporters of the Republican party support the President’s decision not to sign the bill on the Federal budget, if it is not the lines to allocate money for the construction of the wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. It was revealed in the result of a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos last week.

A nationwide survey was conducted from 1 to 7 January. 51% of respondents believe that the current situation to blame the President trump. The number of such people increased by 4% since the previous survey, which was conducted from 21 to 25 Dec 2018.

Another 32% of the respondents are accused of “shutdown,” democratic congressmen, and 7% blamed the Republican party in Congress. These figures are virtually unchanged compared with the previous survey.

The study revealed that 41% of Americans support the creation of additional fortifications on the southern border is 12% less in comparison with January of 2015. The number of opponents of the construction of the border wall among Democrats has doubled.

Only 35% of respondents supported the budget bill, which allocated nearly $6 billion on the construction of the wall. 25% of respondents supported the decision of trump about the government shutdown until such time when Congress still approves funding for the initiative.

However, supporters of the Republican party continue to support trump. 77% of Republicans said they support strengthening the border, 54% said they support trump in his decision to continue the “shutdown” until the victory of the Democrats.

In the survey, which was conducted throughout the country, attended by 2,203 people, including 722 867 Republicans and Democrats.

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