Monatik for free spoke at the opening of Eurovision-2017

Ukrainian singer Monatik told in one interview that for the performance at the Eurovision 2017, he has not received any funds. The singer opened a large-scale song contest in Ukraine.
He said this in an interview with YouTube channel see the Interviewer.
Presenter of Anatolii Anatolich talked with the artist immediately on the second day after the first semifinal of Eurovision-2017, which was held on may 11. He asked the singer what his experience and what he thought of the feeling when he spoke to tens of millions of viewers.
I’m so happy that it all ended, but it was a great opportunity and a great honor to be on this stage. I went to a nearby dressing room to Jamal to thank that she was brought to Ukraine the Eurovision song contest and thus gave the opportunity to speak, – said the artist.
Singer also said that his song “Circles” was translated from Russian into English for one night and he was unspeakably glad that the whole performance he did.
The contractor said that in payment for his speech was tailored suits, but their organizers are not allowed to leave the artist team.
“We worked without money. They sewed us costumes and paid for the work of commenda,” said Monatik.
The singer added that the choreographer and dancers fees were paid. However, most importantly, his team was “fat and happy” because he still earns his money for the corporate events.

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