Momentous events in history: may 9, 2017


Today Is The Day Of Victory.


The Day Of Victory.


1944 Sevastopol was liberated from the Nazi invaders.

1994 Established the order of Zhukov and the Zhukov medal.

Born on this day:

1837 Adam Opel German businessman, founder of the company “Opel”.

1928 Barbara Ann Scott, canadian figure skater, Olympic champion 1938 Viktor Danilov-Danil.

1949 Billy Joel, American singer-songwriter and pianist.

1967 Fedor Bondarchuk, Russian actor, Director, writer, producer, broadcaster.


1805 Friedrich Schiller German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright.

1931 albert Abraham Michelson American physicist, Nobel laureate.

1978 Aldo Moro, the Italian statesman and politician.

1995 Edward Bernays, the Austrian-American figure in the field of advertising, one of the founders of PR.


Basil, Glafuri, Ivan, Nikolay, Peter, Stepan .

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