Momentous events in history: March 4, 2017


Today is the birthday of the microphone.


The Day Of St. Casimir.


1877 – At the Bolshoi theatre hosted the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan lake”.

1877 – birthday of the microphone: American Emile Berliner created a microphone.

1955 – the company “Sony” started the production of handheld radios.

Born this day:

1678 – Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer, violinist, teacher, conductor.

1954 – Boris Moiseev Soviet and Russian dancer, choreographer, singer, Honored artist of Russia.


1832 – Jean-françois Champollion, French historian-orientalist, founder of Egyptology.

1852 – Nikolai Gogol Ukrainian writer, classic of world literature.

1916 – Franz Marc, German artist-expressionist.


Arkhip, Dmitry, Eugene, Makar, Nikita, Fyodor .

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