Momentous events in history: March 19, 2017


Today is the international day of the client.


International day of the client.

Day of workers of housing and communal services and consumer services of the population of Ukraine.

Konstantinov circles.


1474 In Venice passed a law on copyright protection for inventions.

1899 – the first Opened in St. Petersburg, station “first aid”.

1918 – In the United States adopted the Act on Standard Time and approved by the division into time zones.

Born on this day:

1900 – Frederic Joliot-Curie, French physicist and public figure, Nobel laureate.

1949 – Valery Leontiev, Soviet and Russian pop singer, actor, people’s artist of Russia.

1950 – Nadezhda Babkina, Soviet and Russian folk and pop singer, people’s artist of the RSFSR.

1955 – Bruce Willis American actor, producer, musician, businessman.

1963 – Nina Ananiashvili, the Georgia n and Russian ballet dancer, people’s artist of Russia and Georgia.


1964 – Norbert Wiener, American scientist, the founder of Cybernetics.

2008 – Arthur C. Clarke English writer, scientist, futurist and inventor.


Arkady, Elena, Konstantin, Maxim, Feodor.

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