Momentous events in history: June 28, 2017


Today Is The Day Of Constitution Of Ukraine.


Constitution Day Of Ukraine.


Signed 1569 the Union of Lublin between Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In 1841 Paris premiere of the ballet by Adolphe Adam “Giselle”.

1919 Signed the Treaty of Versailles officially ended the First world war.

1946 At the Gorky automobile plant assembled the first batch of cars “Victory”.

Born on this day:

1577 Peter Rubens Flemish Baroque painter.

1712 Jean-Jacques Rousseau French writer and philosopher.

1946 Robert asprin, American science fiction writer.

1948 Sergei Bodrov-the senior Soviet and Russian film Director, screenwriter and producer.

1967 Yana Poplavskaya Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter, teacher.


1836 James Madison 4th US President (1809-1817), one of the key authors of the U.S. Constitution.

1855 Fitzroy Somerset Raglan, British field Marshal .

1914 Franz Ferdinand Archduke of Austria, whose assassination was the pretext for the start of the 1st world war.

1992, Mikhail tal, Soviet chess player, the 8th world chess champion, international grandmaster.

2007 Liz Claiborne an American fashion designer.


Gregory, Ephraim, Cyrus, Michael, Modest, Simon, Theodore.

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