Momentous events in history: July 3, 2017


Today Methodius Sparrowhawk.


Methodius Sparrowhawk.


1885 Karl Benz undertook the first test of his car.

1916, the court Held in the case of a catastrophe liner “Titanic”.

Born on this day:

1883 Franz Kafka was a German writer.

1894 Zinaida Reich Russian actress, wife of Sergei Yesenin and Vsevolod Meyerhold.

1937 Tom Stoppard, British playwright, Director, screenwriter and critic.

1962 Tom cruise, American actor, Director, producer and screenwriter.


1642 Marie de Medici Queen of France (1600-1631), wife of Henry IV, mother of Louis XIII.

1935 andrĂ©-Gustave Citroen, French industrialist, the founder of the company “Citroen”.

1971 Jim Morrison American poet and singer, leader and vocalist of “The Doors”.

1977 Alexander Volkov of the Soviet writer, author of a series of books about the Wizard of oz.


Andrey, Gleb, Ivan, Naum, Nikolay .

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