Momentous events in history: April 9, 2017


Today Is Palm Sunday.


The entry of Christ into Jerusalem (palm Sunday).

The entry into Jerusalem from the Western Christians (Palm Sunday).


1682 – Traveler Rene de La Salle proclaimed possession of France most of the American territory.

1782 – was opened In Paris, one of the largest theaters of France “Odeon”.

1966 – the Vatican officially abolished the Index of forbidden books.

1989 – American Douglas Engelbart received a prize for inventing the computer mouse.

Born on this day:

1821 – Charles Baudelaire, French poet and critic, a classic of French and world literature.

1898 – Paul Robeson, American singer, actor and civil rights activist.

1933 – Jean-Paul Belmondo French actor of theatre and cinema.

1958 – Elena Kondulaynen Soviet and Russian actress, singer, Honored artist of Russia.


1553 – fran├žois Rabelais, French writer, scientist, philosopher, and public figure .

1626 – Francis bacon, English philosopher.


Ephraim, Ivan, Paul.

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